1. FUZE Cloud – Virtual Server / Desktop Platform
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    FuzeCloud is a virtual server / desktop platform or desktop as a service which is perfect for many scenarios including getting your organization off and running quickly with all the tools you need to compete in the marketplace. Centralize your infrastructure and easily expand to multiple locations with the smallest investment necessary. Easily share files within your organization without any complex setup or procedures, even share with multiple sites with speeds like you’re on location. Extend the life of aging computing infrastructures by shifting computer cycles to the cloud, scale your organization’s needs up or down anytime and only pay for what you use, and work seamlessly anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

    Additional product benefits:

    • No Headaches – We maintain, provision, update and patch systems for you so you can stay productive!
    • Management – We do it all for you or you can privately control if you prefer.
    • Better Security – Our data center environment has robust security & intrusion prevention systems, much more than most clients could afford to implement on their own.
    • Cost Savings – Manageable / Budgetable, and without equipment on site you’ll lower your IT costs and your electric bills.
    • Budget / Cash Flow advantage – Pay as services are needed, no need for recurring Capital Expense or borrowing for needed upgrades.
    • Extended Life of PC Equipment – Due to server side processing, only basic systems are required.
    • Increase speed, capacity and agility – resources are only a call away, which means nominal cost / time to immediately expand as your business needs grow.

    Try our FuzeCloud Starter Pack or customize to fit your needs starting at $250 / mo.


  2. Co-Location
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    Managed co-location services: Comfortable managing your own outsourced gear? We make outsourcing your gear simple with no cost for plug in / turnup of server. Power, cooling, bandwidth and dedicated IP addressing are included. We’re cost effective at extremely low rates for space 1U and up. We’re certified for compliance. For any of our facilities we can provide SOC Type II certification documents to rest at ease that you are in compliance with SOX, HIIPA or any other data security compliance requirement. Co-location services start at $100 / mo.

  3. Virtual Private Servers
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    Custom virtual servers in the cloud. Take your pick of several standard packages optimized for web hosting that include a set amount of resources, dedicated IP address and hosting control panel or speak to a rep to design a VPS suited to your unique needs.

    Not looking to use your VPS for web hosting?
    We can provide any variation of custom setup virtual server you need for your requirements or choose from several standard packages as low as $50 / mo.

    Use your new VPS environment to:

    • Speed up time to market for a new product
    • Reduce existing costs or outsource your project instead of continually spending on impending upgrade
    • Simplify server management or reduce staff overhead with less staff maintenance required
    • Migrate some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud
    • Add / Reduce servers on the fly depending on your needs and only pay for what you use

    Choose Fully-Managed or retain control and flexibility with these features & more:
    Add IP addresses, memory, storage, and compute power in minutes.
    Connect and extend your environment via the web or through web-services including Active Directory Integration.

    Need more than a GUI? Access the Command line directly.
    Install standardized or custom applications to suit your needs.

  4. Secure Document Sharing

    Easily share any document securely with clients, coworkers or other external source with full encryption meeting all compliance requirements. Great for Banks, Title Companies, Healthcare organizations, contract management and more.

    • Secure managed file collaboration across computers, mobile devices & the web
    • Easy sharing empowerment
    • Support for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows phones
    • Sign & Store contracts with ease via email notification and online sign in.

    Get started: contact a representative to build a solution unique to your needs.

  5. Hosted DNS
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    It’s no longer safe to self manage DNS with today’s sophisticated security attacks and managing DNS with your registrar company is cumbersome and limited in function. Managed DNS services outsources your security and systems infrastructure risks while still allowing for full customization of DNS records along with advanced features such as automatic failover to ensure critical systems stay up and running. Inquire about Hosted DNS today. Starting at $5 /mo.

  6. Hosted Accounting / Hosted Quickbooks
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    For most small / medium businesses this one is a no brainer. Accounting data in the cloud ensures security, disaster recovery and easy access for your team or your 3rd party accountant in real time to some of your organization’s most critical data. Most “online accounting systems” are limited in their features or integration capability or simply way too expensive to be practical. Not to mention the daunting task of changing over accounting systems…

    Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  We can easily migrate your existing accounting platform or setup a new one with no big investments required.  Whether that’s a traditional Quickbooks version, Peachtree or virtually any other accounting application, we can make it cloud enabled with our affordable FuzeCloud offering. Get started now using our FuzeCloud Starter Package or customize to fit your needs starting at $250 / mo.

    **Accountant clients – contact a rep to design a hosted accounting solution you can offer / sell to your clients.

  7. Cloud Backup
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    Traditional backup to tape or disk to disk (additional harddrives) is great but what happens when no one is monitoring the system to ensure the backups are occurring or forgets to change a tape or offsite a copy of the data for safekeeping? What about in the event theft, major technical failure or a natural disaster like fire, flood or lightning strike. Will you be back up and running in days, weeks, at all? How about in the case of a lawsuit where employees may have deleted critical data, will that data be accessible to win your case? On site backups generally have limited retention schedules. Online backups you can decide or set a policy regarding the length of time data is stored for your protection.

    Cloud Backup technology assures that your data will be accessible in all of these scenarios and more. Check out our Cloud Backup Starter package starting at $75 / mo for the first 500GB or have a conversation with one of our representatives to determine the best solution for your needs.

    Cloud Backup is just one important part of your overall disaster recovery plan. You can use cloud backup in combination with virtualized servers so that a completely running copy of your servers can be restored easily even on different hardware or in a remote datacenter. This will have you up and running in minutes following the restore process to retrieve and un-compress the backed up data. DR backup for entire Virtual servers starts at $75 / mo for the first 500 GB.

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