1. Spam Filtering, Continuity, Encryption, Archiving
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    Email is now a commodity often freely available from Search Engines and a benefit of traditional hosting packages. This has led to a massive worldwide still growing increase in Spam. Spam is a disruptive force for everyone and accounts for approximately 80% of all email. Much of this 80% is not just a nuisance but also poses significant security risks for your organization.

    Spam Filtering & Continuity are critical pieces of infrastructure for every business large and small. Make sure you’ve selected the right product to safeguard your organization. VPC provides only cost effective Business Class email and includes transition and active management services with your investment for this critical piece of your infrastructure.

    Primary Features and add-ons as low as $2 / email box / mo.

    • A Team of over 100 specialists worldwide are actively monitoring and improving the system each day to address all new threats and keep them from landing in your inbox or creating any devastating email downtime.
    • 99.9% Hands Off Solution, aside from the occasional quarantined newsletter, no setup, maintenance, system training or otherwise is required. Just implement and go right out of the box.
    • All messages filtered in the cloud reducing security risks and increasing performance for your network.
    • Outbound Messages also filtered to monitor employee activities and protect your reputation such as in the case of sending a virus, inappropriate content or secure information out of your network via email.
    • Continuity services included to access email online without loss of any messages even during maintenance windows or other downtime events.
    • Automatic, Manual or Policy based message encryption features compliant with all legal requirements (Add-On)
    • Automatically Archive messages for legal use or other compliance requirements (Add-On)
  2. Mail & Web Hosting
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    Host email at your own private domain ( including use with Outlook, cell phones and hosted webmail.

    Custom website hosting for nearly any technology including ASP / .NET, WordPress, Joomla, and more.

    Web or Email services as low as $5 / mo.

  3. Office 365 & Hosted Exchange
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    All mail services provide flexibility with included multi-platform accessibility (desktop, laptop, tablet) giving you the freedom to work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Custom Hosted Exchange environments allowing for any configuration or integration beyond what Office 365 and other generic Exchange services can offer.

    Office 365 – Worry Free Migrations available here. We’ll build you a robust migration plan in minutes and save you significant headaches and downtimes associated with most O365 transitions. In addition O365 includes:  Skydrive Pro, your personal cloud library for storing and organizing your personal documents, plus you can select to share files among other users.
    Starting at $100 / mailbox.

  4. FTP Hosting
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    FTP File Sharing Services can be used in a variety of ways. Every industry has data and processes suited for use with FTP Hosting services to share files with employees, clients and vendors. No matter which industry your business aligns with, you have probably run into the common issues with email attachments.  Whether your emails are bouncing back, undelivered or your client is trying to send you files and your email cannot accept the attachments due to size / file type or due to compliance requirements, or you have been recommended not to utilize an insecure email communication medium, when not used with an encryption component.

    FTP and other secure file sharing services are well suited to address these issues. VPC has several solutions available to meet your needs. Contact a VPC representative today to discuss your needs and challenges to see if FTP or another solution is most appropriate for you. FTP packages are available starting at $5 / mo.

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